Your vote don’t count?

Over at the Woodpile report, one of his latest rants was that voting was useless, that the system is too corrupt, that your vote don’t count. He may be right on all points, but he’s wrong to say that to not bother voting, to not participate in the ‘process’. Now I am a shadow of the writer that Remus is. His intelligence and skill at writing are far beyond my talents. He is one of the greatest writers I have ever read. But he is wrong on that article.
If we in the patriot movement fail to vote, at the very least, we give legitimacy to the other side. If our only plan to ‘change’ .gov is a non voting one, the only other option is a violent one, the Kiev one. And it only takes an hour or so to vote. You don’t have to donate to the candidates or campaign or run for office to keep the high moral ground. Just vote.
I believe that the old adage that the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ is flawed. The Japanese believe in ‘the pen and the sword in accord’. For the Patriot movement to keep the high moral ground they should use the pen and the sword ( never shoot first) and the vote in accord. There is some genius and lots of talent in the Patriot movements writing. And there seems to be a whole lot of life experience of all types in the movement. They are not just collage educated. Most are, but there is lots of real world living that breathes in their writing. Most are very successful, maybe not in making money, but in not being on welfare, not being criminals, of not being a net consumer of .gov. They hold down jobs, served their country, and raise their families and are terrified of their .gov. And for good reason, which is the reason I relate to the Patriot movement.
It used to be, for my whole life, the conservative movement was the biggest supporters of LE. They were the biggest supporters of police and the FBI and of the .gov having the ability, and the means, to keep the peace. Now, these same people are terrified of the .gov. They see that the NSA and the IRS are completely out of control. They see that there is no 4th amendment anymore. That Obama is sending these tanks out into the far corners of Amerika, by the hundreds. And that he is not sending them into the violent parts of the USSA ( those violent places are the places that voted 75% or more for Obama). He’s sending them out into some of the most peaceful, Republican parts of the USSA. Places that hardly need them. We trusted Malloy and Reed in the TV show Adam 12. I did. But those good cops are replaced by cops, who during the Dorner debacle, shot up all kind of innocent people, and were exonerated from obviously criminal behavior. If we non-LEA had shot up those innocent trucks, we’d be rightly charged with attempted murder. This is why the Patriot movement, and me, terrified of our .gov.
But still, vote. It doesn’t take but a couple hours every couple years. But it keeps us on the higher ground.

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What is important

There are the original preppers, dating back to the 80’s.  They will die of old age before the crash comes.  I was reading two of these blogs I found at Kerodin.  These guys detailed their divorces.  How horrific they were.  And we’re not talking screaming custody battles or anything.  Just breakups.  I have to wonder if both men prepped too much.  The wives got tired of eating 3 year old dried pea soup.  The one from Montana had gone kinda galt and I wonder if the wife was tired of waiting at the ends of the earth for the mushroom cloud to appear down south.  By going galt, you limit your potential for LIFE too.  The world ends for someone every day.  No one gets outa this world alive.  And are we really gonna change it?

I believe Obama thought Obamacare would change things for the better.  He would show us.  Well he did.  Obamacare is a complete failure.  He had no experience at much of anything, otherwise he would have hired a better staff and taken daily meetings on its progress.  His excuse of not knowing how bad it was is partially right.  Because he had never done anything, he had no idea that you had to put in the 18 hour days for months on end to get the thing done right.  He gave the job to a bunch of govt slugs and went around making speeches, thinking on Oct 1st the baby would pop out fully formed.  If he would have talked to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, they would have told him of months of 16 hours days that went into the next software or Ipad roll out.  Obama is good at spin.  People almost believe his staff failed him.  Most people, including Obama, have never created or tried to build things like what Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did so they have no reference point.  Obama does know politics, that most people are slugs and have no idea how genius is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration.  But neither does Obama.

But instead of fixing Amerika and healthcare in this country, Obama has blown things to hell, with the best of intentions.  Instead of insuring the uninsured, a 100 million Americans will LOSE their healthcare and be forced to buy much more expensive plans that don’t cover as much.  70% of doctors in Kalifornia won’t accept Obamacare because they have to work at a net loss.  The best hospitals won’t take Obamacare for the same reasons.  Whole state are complete failures.  The state Obamacare programs in Oregon, Maryland and Connicticut have failed completely.  They thought Kalifornia was a success story and now thousands have no healthcare because the computers don’t show it.  There are screaming cat fights between Democrats behind the scenes because of the political implications of the screw up.  Its almost certain the dems will lose the senate.  We are due for another recession and with Obamacare taking so much money out of our pockets to spend, the fault of the recession will be easy to blame on Obama.  And the Dems.

Obama belongs to the Alinsky wing of politics where the ends justify the means.  He is a limosine liberal who believes he, and his Haaaavad friends, know whats best for us unwashed masses.  We, on the other side, believe that the means, the constitution, is the ends.  All Obama’s good intentions don’t make up for his lying  for shoving Obamacare on us all.  For all of us who want to change the world for the better, I think we should look long at how we do it, not just what we do…

About Kerodin.  I read his blogs.  He links to many good blogs.  But his hatred for the govt that made him a felon is almost out of control.  I believe it was Bush’s, not Obama’s justice dept that prosecuted him.  I believe it was an over charge.  I don’t believe Kerodin was extorting people.  But it looked bad enough that Kerodin’s lawyer told him to take the plea.  Kerodin is right that the govt is way out of control.  But he believes that going after the low information voter that voted Obama in with violence is ok.  At least that’s how I read his writings.  I couldn’t disagree more.  I will still come to his blog.  Along with WRSA too.  Too much of their facts are right.  Remus at the woodpile is a gifted writer with great experience to back up his ideas. 

In the mean time,

Merry Xmas to you all.  Stop prepping long enough to buy a big turkey with gravy and pie and pig out.  Spend some money on your not so hot wife for you ain’t  nuthin special yourself.  You deserve each other. 

And Hug your kids.  Sit and talk with them.  Tell them its ok to come to you with ANY of their troubles.  You may not have all the answers.  But its better than the child taking a shotgun down to the local high school.



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Obamacare has started and someone please find me family whose healthcare bill goes down $2500 like Obama promised. That person doesn’t exist. ” If you like your doctor, you can keep him” What a gigantic lie. If Obama was smart he would take up the Tea party’s offer to delay it for a year. So many dems voters are stunned by the prices.
Congress and the senate found a way to exempt themselves from Obamacare. I think it was their plan all along. If the congress and their staffs had to pay full price for Obamacare, It wouldn’t last a month.
So now the govt is shut down over Obamacare and most of us yawn. Except for the unbelievable petty child like actions of the Pres. Shutting the down the ww2 site which isn’t even manned normally, is telling to who he is. Petty, mean and childlike.
Ted Cruz and the Tea party are making the rules now. Mitch Mconnell is changing his tune now that he is in a primary food fight. He was probably fine when he got to Washington, but the town has changed him. So many things that regular Americans want is ignored by washington. A huge majority has always wanted to secure our borders, but Washington won’t even consider it. They know whats best for us. We’re so stupid and ignorant. But the tea party is fighting back, unlike the rinos who laid down for Obama.
So fellow 3%ers, don’t threaten LE. The have to know we are among the most peaceful and law abiding Amerikans. And that the most violent are the zip codes that voted %75 for Obama. There are no militia flash mobs.
And I pray for the safety and the health of our President. And for his impeachment too.

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September is almost gone. Went to see the golden aspens but most haven’t turned yet. I went for a fine walk tho, and the day was nearly perfect.
I see that the DHS approved website, Waronthehorizon, is still up. I imagine that the raciest that runs it still has his job at DHS as an arms buyer. The govt union will see to that. There is more hate and danger on his site than a hundred of the worst militia sites combined. There is no way the govt could have not known about him, even if he did lie as to the content of his site to his bosses at the DHS. Our gov has great search engines that guarentee finding his site. They knew about him and hid him, I think. There is now way his site could escape the NSA snooping. It took the SPLC to expose him. That’s the best work he’s done since the 70’s.
Washington DC doesn’t get Ted Cruz like the rest of us do. Their Obamacare is paid for and they get free haircuts too. They’ve been in DC too long and they have no idea how the rest of us live. The rinos are say to let obamacare come into effect and let it collapse the country. We out here in flyover country think its not a good idea to let the country collapse. There is a real divide here.
I read NCrenegade tonight. He’s got the feds following him around. This while Chicago is a genocidal slaughter house for blacks. Why isn’t that fed tracking some gangmember in Chi town. I think the renegade is too mouthy, for one. Sure, the feds should be in Chicago, but don’t mouth off on the internet, don’t be like waronthehorizon. Oh, thats right. That site has a thousand times the hate than the renegades. But be smart. Don’t feed the bears. Then they have no excuse on why they aren’t in Chicago and Detroit, stopping the genocidal slaughter of young black men.
Speaking of Detroit. It looks as if Detroit is one big criminal enterprise. There is no department that hasn’t been caught up in some kind of con-theft enterprise. A recent audit of its books found out that they have paid a billion dollars ( thats 1,000,000,000 $) in pensions to people who haven’t even retired, among other things. The whole city is on big money grabbing con. And its not that they are black. The leaders of Stockton are white and crooked too.
Another tidbit about the Detroit public schools. The latest NEAP test showed that Detroit kids had the lowest scores ever recorded. In fact, the scores were so low, that they were just a couple % points higher than if the kids never even looked at the questions, they just guessed at the answers. For instance, anyone can get 50% on a true-false questions. So the kids in Detroit scored just a couple %points higher than a pack of monkeys at the zoo. Let me just say that I don’t think the kids in Detroit are any dumber that me, I’m no smarter than them. But considering that with all the money that’s been poured into that school system, it is an almost 100% failure. The teachers there receive huge salaries and pensions. Yet they might as well be a bunch of monkeys standing in front of those kids waving bananas around. This analogy seems racist. But lets look at lilly white Milwaukee.
They have the worst rated public schools in the country, WORSE THAN DETROIT. Yet they are fourth in the country on spending per student. Higher than all those rich places like Beverly hills. They hurl idiotic amounts of money at the teachers yet the receive zero results.
In all the disasters above, there are no Republicans in those failed food chains. No matter how much their policies fail, the liberals simply blame the Koch bros and double down on more horrific policies.
Note: Obama’s people accuse the repubs of coming to the negotiating table with a bomb strapped to their chest. This is while Obama is running guns to Al Queda in Syria and Libya. He won’t negotiate with the repubs on the budget yet he is negotiating with Iran which has a ‘ Death to America day’.
Once again, fellow III %ers, don’t threaten any fed. Hurl logic at them in your blogs.
And too the feds. Remember, the real violence in this country is in the counties that voted 90% for Obama. Us 3%ers are among the least criminal in the country. We just want to be left alone to shoot deer and ducks.
And long life and impeachment to our president.

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War on the Horizon

Some poor bastard in Arizona, Blaine Cooper, posted a comment that pushed the envelope and within 24 hours the FBI was at his door.
But over at the website ‘War on the Horizon’, a site authored by an arms buyer for the DHS, Mr. Ayo Kimathi wrote that the blacks may have to kill lots of white people, more than their ‘Christian’ hearts can stomache. And he also called his boss, the president, a mulatto faggot. These comments by Mr. Kimathi apparently have been up for weeks, if not months. It took the SPLC to fink on him. And he apparently still has his job. Why couldn’t the FBI find his site. His hate filled, homophobic website is still up and running. There is a 100 times more hate and racism on his site than a dozen worst of the worst militia sites combined. And the govt wonders why we don’t trust them.
The reason I left the Democratic party is because I believe that their policies are genocide to blacks and I won’t have anything to do with them. For a hundred years, from the civil war to the 64 and 65 civil right laws, the Dems stopped every civil rights law the republicans brought forth, and there were more than a dozen. That racist pig, president John Kennedy, voted against the 57 civil rights bill that was sponsered by the republicans. MLK, according to his own daughter, voted republican.
I call Kennedy a racist pig because the biggest mistake my govt has made was its failure to give blacks their rights in a timely manner. The best time was after WW2, when we just came back from Germany after seeing the piles of dead bodies at the concentration camps. That was the end result of racism. But it took another 20 years to right those wrongs. Trayvon, Detroit, Chicago,Al Sharpton, all come from that failure. Crime is the biggest problem in my life. I hate having to have a gun, but the dems destroyed the black family with welfare and failed schools and young black men are the going down the gangster pimp lifestyle in too many numbers.
I could forgive Obama on most of his horrific failures if he just did this one thing that he promised during his 08 campaign. He promised to bring blacks and white together. He has done the opposite. He has thrown gasoline on the race fires. He has doubled down on the policies that are genocide to young black men. Every failed policy that Detroit tried, Obama wants to bring to the whole country. Detroit looks like an atomic bomb hit it. The genocide of black men there continues. The same in his home town, Chicago. There are no Republicans in that genocidal food chain.
One of the last people I rented an apartment to was a fine Muslim man. He is one of those peaceful muslims that are the majority of that religion. But the violent part of that religion is not small, tho it is a minority. And it is that violent smaller part that controls the larger peaceful part. Sure, Christianity has had its bad side, such as burning witches at the stake. The Salem witch trials were here in America.
But Christianity is a peaceful religion now, and has been for a long while. While Islam has always had a large violent side. Good people like my tenant can’t seem to contain the violent side of Islam. I wish they would give it a shot. In the mean time I think we need to leave that part of the world alone. No war with Syria. Let them sort out their problems. Lets not make their problems, our problems.
In the mean time, may peace be with you

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The dog days of summer

So many things have happened since the last post.  But nothing really.  There are more Obama scandals but he don’t care.  He’s done running for elections.  Like he cares about the latest poll numbers.

I visit many militia, patriot and freedom sites and so many are paraniod to the extreme about their govt.  I think their paranoia is a self fulfilling prophisy.  The more they hate LEA, the more they attract the attention of LEA. 

Most LE officers know that the vast majority of crime in Amerika is committed in the zip codes that voted 75% or more for Obama.  The patriots live in low crime neighborhoods (unlike me) and commit few violent crimes.  Sure, they own lots of guns, but there is lots of crime in Amerika.  And besides that, it’s their legal right.  They don’t have to answer ‘why’ they need a gun.  It’s their right.  There are always a few knuckle heads in any group, but you can’t judge the whole by a few screw ups (like me) in the patriot-militia movement.

The reason I indentify with the militia movement is because our country simply can’t protect us from crime.  I’ve worked with my local LE and called 911 till my fingers are raw.  But there are so many armed robberies in my neighborhood, I’ve given up on the police solving the problem.  I arm my self and train my self.  Oh, I’d rather and will call the police, but I know I can’t count on them.  I’m sober and don’t use any drugs.  I go to church and am learning to forgive others and seek peace.  I buy lotto tickets so maybe I can afford to move out of this lousy neighborhood.  But thru it all, It is the militia movement that makes the most sense.  As per the constitution, why not form groups (militias) for self defense.  I don’t go looking for crime, per se.  But I believe in honest people working together to solve the crime problem.  Big govt and LE just can’ t seem to solve this problem them selves.

I very rarely see anything raciest on the patriot sites.  One or two things in all.  I see a thousand times more racism in the black panther movement.  The Tea party movement is one of the most peaceful political movements in american history.  While the Occupy movement is one of the most violent in american history with dozens of sexual assaults at their encampments, along with assaults in general, defecation on police cars, shooting up the white house, ect.  Hundreds of crimes and more than a hundred felonies at least.  I think LE should see that the patriot-militia movements are pretty much crime free while the Occupy movement and inner city zip codes that vote more than 75% Obama, are where the real crime is.  Violent disobedience, aka flash mobs, don’t occur in the militia movement.  Patriots don’t riot.  They go to work, go fishing and hunting, and want to be left alone.  LE has to see that.  And the Militia movement has to see that falsely demonizing LE won’t do them any good either.

Enough blather for today. 

I hope things get better and I don’t have to use my survival food ( a bunch of cans of pork and beans) or my pistol.  I pray to the lord that crime will knock on someone elses door.  I know that’s selfish but I don’t want to fight anyone.  Or shoot anyone. 

I pray that the President and his family stay safe and that he uses more common sense and gets rid of Obamacare. 

And lord, help me to fight the sin that brings me down.   The sin that all men have.


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June thoughts

Tony Blair, the former prime minister of England, has finally admitted that Islam has a ‘problem’. No shit, sherlock. What was your first clue, Tony?
But on to other things.
The economy is getting better. A trillion dollars in stimulus spending was gonna have an effect along with QE1,2,3,4. We have mortgaged the future of our country for the present. The leveling of the real estate values have taken 5 years and have calmed the economy. So many are still under water, but not so deep now.
But the economy won’t flourish. Not with our biggest customer, Europe in the tank. Greece, Spain, and France are basket cases and the Euro unemployment numbers are over 11%, a very strong recession. Greece and Spain are in depression. And also here in Amerika, California and Illinois are basket cases, with unemployment numbers off the scale ( over 9% for both), considering their economic potential. The Amerikan economy is being held back by those democratic led disasters. I am glad we haven’t fallen further into a depression.
Back to Tony Blair. I agree with him. There is a ‘problem’ with Islam. A problem with violence, pedophilia ( the prophet raped a 9yo girl), and gang rape and the abuse of women in general. The have a problem with democracy. They don’t tolerate other religions or gays. Sure, the majority are ‘moderate’. But the radical elements are huge and are controlling and defining the religion now. The moderates can’t contain the radicals. Islam is not compatible with western thought or democracy.
I agree with Tony Blair. And he finally agrees with me.

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Greetings 111 percenters.
I read recently that there are close to 900,000 people on the terrorist watch list that our govt keeps. The govt, including the Bush idiots, say that Islamic terrorists are a small percentage of the religion. I’m guessing that the majority of the names on the list are Muslim. That is not a small minority.
Just 2 terrorist caused untold damage to Boston and Amerika with their little attack. I’m guessing that the total cost will be well over a billion dollars and most likely, far more. The cost to treat the victims, the law enforcement costs, the prosecution costs, the prison costs, the criminal defense costs, the costs for the govt to investigate what happened, including the congress, the senate, the white house, the fbi, the cia, the nsa, homeland security, ice, and I’m sure there are so many more entities that will gobble tax dollars to look at this attack. Plus there was the loss of tax revenue when the city and greater area of Boston was shut down for a day. How bout the overtime costs for that army of SWAT teams that flooded Boston.
I’m also guessing that the bomb bros. spent less than a $2,000 to make their bombs. I’m also guessing that we taxpayers chipped in to fund the making of the bombs. The welfare dollars they receive could have paid for the pressure cookers. It appears that the bombers were professional terrorists and that they were paid to be so by our govt welfare state. They were certainly on the radar screens of the worlds law enforcement.
Our immigration laws, as enforced, and written, make it impossible to deport a suspected terrorist till after the bombs have gone off. We’ve seen nothing in the new immigration bill that would address this issue. In fact, the bombing couldn’t have come at a worse time for the gang of 8. It appears to me that the republicans have gotten some moxie, and the immigration bill is going to have to include security requirements that could kill the bill. I’m sure many Demoncrats coming up for reelection won’t be pining to support a bill that could get them thrown out of office.
Back to those 900,000 people on the terrorist watch list. If two fairly poorly funded terrorists could create this much havoc, imagine what a dozen, or a couple dozen could do. Us voters can imagine. Hopefully our elected officials can too.
Until then, I’m keeping my guns and keeping them loaded. If our govt isn’t gonna protect us, and is in fact importing, and refusing to deport terrorists, I’m gonna use the 2nd amendment to protect myself.

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Been a while. I had trouble accessing my own account. But I’m back online.
This is a couple weeks after the Boston bombing and so much has happened but little has changed. Some Muslim immigrants blew up a bunch of people at the Boston marathon. They were well known to our intelligence services as being part of a violent muslim mob. We let them stay here till they killed and maimed. No one besides Glenn Beck and the patriots are saying the obvious. Close our borders and deport any alien who is on our terror watch lists. Is this so raciest, to fight back against radical monster terrorism. It is suicide not too.
We had some road race today in Denver. The police shut down all the streets and had god knows how many cops looking for terrorists. We know where they are. They are on our watch lists. Go get um.
The patriots are focusing on defense in the country. But when the SHTF, I think most battles will be fought in the inner cities and the burbs. And I think the 47% is gonna be the problem. I think the govt will need the 3 percenters when the money and promises run out. In Illinois the next step is to close down all school sports so the public unions paychecks will still stop coming. The epic battle will be between the public unions and the welfare state and the 3 percenters will try to get out of the way.
I dissagree with many of the Patriots on this issue. I think Obama is a problem, but most of the cops are on our side, or at least they don’t see the patriots as the problem. Most cops know that 90% of crime is in the welfare areas, the places Obama got 100% of the vote. Not at the patriots compounds. The cops know that when the SHTF, its gonna start in the welfare neighborhoods. Hell, riots there are not uncommon. Cops know there are no patriot flash mobs. Other patriots take note.

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The news from flyover country.

Its snowing here in Colorado tonight and we need it. Colorado and much of the west midwest has been in a drought and we could use a foot or two of the white stuff. The farmers to the east need it for their winter wheat and grazing.
The dems here in Colorado have made a fool of themselves but it doesn’t seem to matter to them. This idiot Salazar seems to think women are too ‘excitable’ to be trusted with a gun. The left media is silent about his sexist rant. They passed their anti gun bills.
I hear that Saurez and is going to try to flood Colorado with large capacity mags before the July 1 deadline. Hell, just drive up to Wyoming and buy some and drive back down. They’ll probably set up survailance to try to catch someone. Just buy your mags ahead of time.
Another robbery down the street from my house. Thats why I own a gun. My govt seems incapable of protecting me. Or they simply don’t want to and think there is a level of violence we should accept. I think that level is way too high.
I’ve read some militia blogs where they say to shoot the govt agents when they show up at your door to get your guns. Sooooooo stupid. The govt reads these blogs (including this one I’m sure), and takes note of the ones that support violent action against them. Those idiots are gonna get what they wish for, swat teams at their door.
Fellow militia, be smart. Don’t ever threaten the gov with violence.
Yes, I’m a militia dude. I believe all races and sexes and sexual preferences should be welcome in the militia. Form your own. I believe in peace through strength. Strength in numbers. Following the laws of our country, including the 2nd ammendment.
I’m out for now.

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